About Us

Created with the philosophy of being connected to the soil, stems, leaves and people working the land, we share the gifts of well-being from the earth worldwide. We believe providing organic and biodynamic teas are valuable for our customers health and our deep commitment to protect the Earth’s ecology. We stand for a thoughtfully global lifestyle for people who want personal service, expect quality and are open to the new and often exotic. We invite you to enjoy Desta Epicures Guild, offering the highest quality teas from nature’s abundance.

Our Products:

We offer premium quality teas from the regions of the world known to produce the finest of their kind. Each tea is given our stamp of approval and we only select those that meet our exacting guidelines for quality. We constantly discover, discern and build deep relationships with people who are growing and producing only the very best. This allows us to hand-blend our teas with premium and ageless botanicals including locally grown herbs. We don’t believe in using so called “natural flavoring” in our tea blends. Instead, we let each ingredient speak to you and when needed, we use only organic essential oils.

Our Sources:

We look for farmers who cultivate the land in an environmentally and socially responsible manner locally and worldwide. We support sustainable farming and fair trade. We stand behind our products quality and service.