Monthly Featured Tea

Every month Desta Epicures Guild has one organic tea that is featured on our site! This month our featured tea is Keemun!


Seasonal Blends

Enjoy our Cinnamon Rooibos, African Chai, Masala Chai, Citron Ginger, Spiced Mint and Turmeric Zest.


Visiting Growers

Visiting Growers

Our Core Values

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    Desta was founded on the philosophy of the interconnectedness of all things. We strive to operate in the spirit of stewardship, considering the care of our planet, the people who tend the land, and our clients.

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    Desta Epicures Guild’s proactive approach to environmental sustainability includes the decision to offer only 100% organic teas and tisanes that are not GMO. We also source wild harvesting, biodynamic and thoughtful farming, as well as choosing eco-friendly packaging.

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    Fair Trade and Co-op

    Desta Epicures Guild strives to work with certified fair trade or co-op farming groups and tea gardens who understand the social, environmental and economic impact of sustainable farming.

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    Premium Quality Tea & Tea Blends

    Desta Epicures Guild’s blends are hand-blended on-site in small batches without any so called “natural flavors.” Our blends illustrate a meticulous attention to health, flavor, color and composition. Our intent is to present each ingredient in its authentic state without the use of flavoring that compromises its natural expression. We source our single estate teas from regions of the world known to produce the finest of its kind